Adding Curb Appeal with Vinyl Siding

Adding Curb Appeal with Vinyl Siding

There are so many benefits to installing vinyl siding on your home. Vinyl has been in use for decades, and it continues to grow in popularity. People appreciate the low-maintenance of this cladding, and they love how it looks. If you have aging aluminum or Masonite siding that you are ready to replace, then you may be considering purchasing vinyl from the home improvement store and installing it yourself. Here is what you should know about installing your own vinyl.

Buy Name Brand

The home improvement stores sell generic vinyl and name brand options. This is one time when you do not want the generic covering. Choose the name brand vinyl for higher quality pieces, better color-retention and easier installation. The siding will last longer, and you will be pleased with how well it stands up to the sun and weather.

Installation Tools

You are going to need a level, tin snips, hammer and siding nails. You will also need enough siding to cover the walls of your home, and several specialty pieces. Other tools include a nail hole punch, snap-lock punch and unlocking tool.

J-channel – This is used where the ends of your siding will meet up with doors and windows along the vertical sides.

Under-sill – A tight loop is formed , and it is used under windows and eaves where you may have removed the nailing flange from a siding strip to make it fit. Inside and outside corners are used along the corners to make the turn from one wall to the next.

Starter strips – These strips are nailed into place as the bottom row. They lock the lowest row in place and provide you with an easy starting point for the siding.

Keeping it Level and Tight

The biggest challenge with any vinyl siding is keeping it level and tight. The panels interlock, and you must make sure that they are locked all the way across the row. If they do not snap into place as you work, then it is more likely that you will have rows rip out of place when the wind picks up and bad storms move through. Use the level as you work to ensure that your rows are pulling up as tightly as they should and that rows are still level.

When it comes to vinyl siding, the fine details matter a great deal. Siding will expand and contract slightly, so you want to leave a little space in the corner posts and channels when installing it. The siding should not fit up against the closed edge of these trim pieces, but it should be fully covered by them. Watch carefully around window sills and doors to ensure that the wall is covered and protected by the siding.

While siding is not necessarily difficult to install, it is time consuming. If the job is done properly, then it will take a fair amount of time. You may want to consider hiring a professional to install the siding. When you trust a professional team, you will have access to higher quality siding, you can rest assured that it will be installed properly, and you may also receive an additional warranty from the installation company.