"A Gutter Helmet product is definitely a maintenance-free product. I've had it for nine years, and its' been a great product."

Happy Customer

"It looks like the water goes upside down when it goes int he gutters, and the harder it rains, the better it works!"

"I went out and I looked, and it worked! It really worked!"

"I didn't want to employ anyone to get up on the roof and be liable for them falling."

"It gives both of us peace of mind. My husband doesn't want to worry about going up on the roof and falling off."

"The best part about Gutter Helmet is it's a one time investment. They install it, and your never have to worry about your gutters!"

"As you go on in life, you find the ladder becomes a foot longer each year... And I no longer have to do that."

"Gutters, Gutter Helmet, Siding, Soffit, Windows, Doors, Roofing,Complete Bathroom Remodels, New Tubs, Acrylic Tub Liners, Showers, Shower Conversions, Barrier Free Shower Bases, Shower Doors, Shower liners, Grab Bars, Vanities....They are the #1 Home Improvement Center in Louisville Ky, Give Them A Call....They Do It All..."

"Classic Home Center is a reputable company in Louisville, KY. They perform various home services. If you have any concerns regarding their service, please contact them. They go above and beyond to ensure their customers are receiving the best possible service and are completely satisfied."

Great work and they were on time and explained everything that would take place. Kevin and Gene were polite and the gutter looks great. I would highly recommend them.

David B

After years of cleaning my own gutters on our 2-story house, we had Gutter Helmet installed about 15 years ago. Have had zero problems or clogs since. When we had to have our roof replaced, Gutter Helmet came out and uninstalled them the day before and reinstalled them the day after (at an extra cost that was clearly stated when we hired the service). Couldn't be happier with Gutter Helmet.


So after reading these other comments I would never had tried Gutter Helmet. I'm glad I did though. I've had 3 different products on my home BEFORE Gutter Helmet was installed. I could go on for days about how poorly they worked or didn't work and about how each sales rep promised me things that seemed too good to be true. Well I'm an attorney and require everything in writing. I've tied Leaf Guard, Gutter Guard and Leaf Filter. None of them worked, but will say Leaf Guard worked the best of those three. About 3 years ago I had Gutter Helmet of Greenville come out and give me. Quit on removing Leaf Fi,term and putting New gutters and Gutter Helmet On my home. Impremeasured my home so I knew what I needed. The Rep they sent out was a Mr Darrel Prescott. After speaking with Darrel for about 15 minutes he excused himself to go and inspect my gutters. I watched as he flew a "Drone" around my house and videoed everything. After eye completed his inspection he sat with me and presented his product and recommendations. I was quite surprised by what the Video showed was happening with my current system. I was then even more surprised when he recommended we NOT spend the extra 2500.00 to put in New gutters. He stated although ther needed a tune up and to be reset, they would work just fine. ((Yes you rad that right, he told me NOT to spend unneeded money)). After calling a couple references and actually going to one two streets away and walking up to their house with no notice, I spoke with a 4th person no had Dealt with Darrel personally and had purchased Gutter Helmet. They confirmed my current opinion. Mr Prescott is a man of integrity, he's honorable in his dealings with his clients and the one thing every person I spoke with all said and I quote "Gutter Helmet is Great, but Dealing with Darrel and his company makes it far Superior than anything else they had seen". Gutter helmet has worked flawlessly on my home and Darrel while there spoke about and direct d my to have a few other small things done to help with High flow areas. All his ideas work just as he explained they would. This man knows his stuff. I've even had Darrel over to " Inspect" my gutters nad he again flew his drone and showed me the video live as he as flying it, nothing in my gutters at all. They are not cheap, but after wasting money on three previous attempts at solving my issues, it was well worth the money to resolve my issues. I'd give this product, this company and especially Mr Prescott "10" stars if possible.

Frank G