What to Consider When Installing New Gutters

What to Consider When Installing New Gutters

Installing new gutters on an older home is a very common repair. Many people choose gutters that are made from aluminum because they do not rust. Even though white is the most popular color chosen for gutters today, Gutter Helmet by Classic provides over 35 different Choices to help co-ordinate and match the existing trim or the color of your home.

Gutter Alternatives

As a Homeowner you can have a professionally custom installed seamless gutter system on your home or choose a second alternative where the gutters are purchased from a big box store and come in sections. This type of gutter system can be installed by you and may save you money, but the colors are limited, and the quality of the gutter material and the needed know how can leave a person scratching there head or cause problems after the installation due to lack of knowledge on what and how it should properly be installed. Plus, you run the risk of falling off that dangerous ladder!!

Advantages of a Professionally Installed Seamless Aluminum Gutter System

Professionally installed seamless aluminum gutters work very well because they do not have joints except at the corners, which, when installed and sealed properly, will not develop leaks in them. The corners are mitered together to create consistency and direction for the water to flow properly to the downspouts, and evacuate from the gutter system, where "YOU" want it to exit. This helps, protect your home and foundation from wood rot, mold, and water damage due to improper control of the rainwater. This can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of owning your home.
Professionally installed seamless aluminum gutters also come in different sizes. The most common size(s) for residential use are 5 inch K style aluminum gutters, and the alternative, larger 6 inch K style aluminum gutter. Each size, of course, is designed to catch different amounts of water and allow it to evacuate the system at different rates. While there are varied costs involved, a professional can help you choose the right system for your home and pocket book.

Choosing the Right Gutters

When people choose gutters from a big box store, the availability is usually plastic sections or aluminum sections, limited in size, thickness of material, (usually much thinner than material used by professionals), and as we mentioned before, limited colors, (usually royal brown, white and clay). Plus,(this is where it gets complicated), you have to make sure you have all the right parts and pieces, such as- hangers, end caps, miters (box or strip), elbows, (A's or B's), downspouts, screws or nails, gutter sealer, how many lengths you will need of available gutter sections. Next, transport them home, and figute out how to put them all together properly to control the water flow process.

A professional gutter company such a Gutter Helmet by Classic can make the whole process easy and eliminate all the headaches associated with the planning and installation process. It is what we do and have been doing for over 39 Years.

Don't Forget the Gutter Protection!!

The right Gutter Protection- the First Time:

Don't forget to add gutter protection to your gutters like Gutter Helmet. When installing Gutter Helmet over your new or existing gutters you will NEVER HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS OUT AGAIN! This type of system with its LIFETIME TRANSFERRABLE WARRANTY and guaranteed service policy, will truly keep your gutters protected and also completely free flowing, which means leaves, twigs, or other debris never get trapped in your gutters again. Gutter Helmet by Classic in Louisville, KY is the only company that can professionally install the Gutter Helmet gutter protection system giving you a complete peace of mind knowing your gutters are always clean. You also, never again, have to worry about standing on a that unsafe, shaky, dangerous ladder to clean out those gutters and keep them free flowing.

If your home needs new gutters installed, there are many things you need to consider, why not consult a professional who will help you plan what you need and then install them? GUTTER HELMET BY CLASSIC can also help you decide if you need to install a gutter protection system, like Gutter Helmet, on your gutters, it can be installed over existing gutters or along with new ones.

No matter what you decide, it is usually much better to hire a professional to install your new gutters for you. This will ensure that your gutters are installed properly the first time and KEEP YOU OFF THAT DANGEROUS LADDER!!